Allergy Terror

It's such a beautiful spring day out, too bad my allergies don't share my enthusiasm.
supposedly this is the worst pollen season yet. It's not gonna get better any time soon.
Ugh...all the less than wonderful symptoms that come with the season are plaguing me right now.
I won't let it get me down though.
Even if I am a runny eyed, sneezing hot mess.
My coworker(a doctor's wife) has me taking a cocktail of pills. Advil, Allegra and some Sudafed something. It's helping a little.

What do you guys do for allergy season? What do you take to alleviate the trauma,lol?


  1. Before I Got pregnant and now breastfeeding, I doped up on Benadryl. It worked like a charm. Now, I can only take things like Claritan and Zyrtec so I have to take them as soon as a symptom comes along.


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