Big News!!

I've put off writing this post for several reasons, mostly because I haven't told everybody who needs to know as yet but I'm just too excited to hold it in any longer.

A few months ago, I mentioned that I was working on making a long time dream of mine a reality. Well it has officially become a reality.
I'll be moving to Abu Dhabi. Me, little old me, will be moving half way across the earth to a completely foreign place to teach. I still think it's a dream most days. I am afraid to believe until I have my e-ticket but I have signed my offer letter which makes it as official as it can be at this point.

I've dreamed of traveling all over the world and this is the most perfect opportunity to live out my dream. When I think back on it, I have carried this dream in my heart for over a decade and  I never imagined it could really happen.
This year however, I decided that I was going to totally put my faith in God. I believe that he gives us these dreams and we need to go after them; I began doing my research and the doors opened up for me through my faith.
God is so funny, sometimes he puts us in situations that we question and wonder WTH? but in the end they are opportunities for us to learn and grow from. They also pave the road for greater things, we just need to surrender to him and let him do his thing.
I'm referencing my experience as a classroom teacher, although hellacious, it was necessary to get me to this point. Without it, I wouldn't have gotten this job. I also know that all the challenges I faced have prepared me for my role as a classroom teacher in Abu Dhabi.

The next few months will be all about my upcoming move. Packing, paperwork, and the actual move itself.
OMG!! I am going to be living on my own, in my own apartment y'all. I'm gonna be a real adult at the age of 29, lol.

Stay with me for this journey.

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