There have been moments when I have wondered  if I really made the right choice to move.

Did I really think this thing through carefully? Is this the right time? WTH did I get myself into?

So like any smart person before a big move, I need to do research.
I've been reading a lot of blogs of people who have gone before me as well as joined the Facebook pages of  teachers already in Abu Dhabi. I just want to have a better perspective of what it really is like to pack up and move across the world.  

I've heard some horror stories. I am a little nervous. Life in Abu Dhabi as I have learned is not like life in the US. Things are done very differently and a lot slower than what I've become accustomed to in the United States.
The system of moving so many teachers at one time is imperfect, things go wrong with visas, housing and school placement.People actually not leaving the sates until months after being told they would be leaving (we should all be leaving sometime in August). Imagine sitting at home in December waiting, after quitting your job?
Some people actually quitting the job in Abu Dhabi and returning home after just a few months. It can be that bad.

For the record I take people's experience as their own personal journey and I don't use it to dictate how I live my life or the decisions I make. I use those experiences to inform and educate myself because ignorance is not bliss. I'd rather know the full story before making the plunge; the good, the bad and all of the ugly.
Also people have different experiences to teach them different lessons, people also react differently to situations so just because someone has a good/ bad experience doesn't mean it will be the same for me.

That being said, this just makes me more determined to place my life in God's hands. If I were to sit and take in all the bad things, I would change my mind. However, he is going to have to work it all out and see to it that things go as smoothly as possible.

Pray for me!
P.S. There are lots of people who love their time over there despite the challenges. There are challenges everywhere you go, it's how you choose to react to them that matters.