Emotional Roller Coaster


These are just some of the adjectives that describe me at this very moment.

I'm anxious to get started on the adventure that awaits me; the 3.5 months of waiting is no fun. I'm sitting on pins and needles.

Clearly sad because I'll miss my momma and my friends. Everything comfortable and familiar will be left here and I'll be thousands of miles away.

Excited to finally be living my dream. I have thought about this for so many years and it's finally about to begin. Traveling here I come!

I'm nervous because I'll be moving to a new country with a completely different culture and language, far away from everything I'm used to and know.

Happy because I'm moving somewhere fresking awesome!!

It has not totally hit me yet to be honest. I think it will all unload on me once I have an idea of when I'll be leaving. Then I'll probably bawl like a baby.