Recently Aquired

When I really like something, I become obsessed. Obsessed I tell ya!
So for months I've been watching the Kate Spade website.
What might I be watching you ask?
Well the hedgehog Daycation tote and matching cosmetic pouch.
Although both were on sale I jus couldn't bring myself to spend the money.
The tote was done from 145 to 74 bucks. Good price, but when you don't have 74 bucks, you just don't have it.
The pouch was 55, down from 75.
Again, a good deal but I'm cheap and I just couldn't fork out all that dough.

However, they recently had their friends and family event, extra 25% off sale. You already know "extra sale" is my favorite phrase in the English language .
And I bet you already guessed but I'm gonna tell you anyway.
Yup, I scooped them both right up.Got them both for about 90 bucks. Used up the last of my birthday money, but it was so worth it.
They came in the mail today and I'm just as happy as a bumble bee in a honey pot.
I love the green and black pattern. The word that comes to my mind when I see those little hedgehogs is whimsical.
Like the Bloomingdale's website says "only Kate Spade can make hedgehogs chic".
I concur!

I am done shopping, I don't need to buy anything else because I am only taking 2 suitcases with me when I leave.Wish me luck with that. lol
Ciao for now y'all