Bucket List

I was thinking of composing a to-do list of sorts. Well actually a bucket list.
The plan was to make it a 30 before 30, until I realized that I'll be 30 next March. While that seems like ample time to get 30 things done, I don't want to put such pressure on myself.
I'll just make a list of things I would like to get done- before I die.
Most of the list will revolve around traveling, since that is what my heart desires.
In no order of importance, here goes:

  1. Live alone
  2. Back-pack in Asia
  3. Go fishing
  4. Ride in a gondola
  5. Stay in a hostel
  6. Swim with dolphins
  7. Get dang driver's license (this should be nĂºmero uno)
  8. Go to Africa
  9. Eat authentic Thai food in Thailand
  10. Visit the Grand Canyons
  11. Go to a spa and get the whole nine yards (facial, massage, all that)
  12. Scuba Dive
  13. Ride a camel
  14. Dune Bash
  15. Visit a castle in Europe (Prague 2009)
  16. camp in the desert
  17. Throw a party (a fancy one with seating cards and flowers)
  18. Go to Loy Krathong, the sky lantern festival in Thailand
  19. take a photography class
  20. Budget effectively
  21. Volunteer at a Homeless Shelter or orphanage
  22. Try caviar
  23. See the pyramids in Egypt
  24. Hold a baby Koala
  25. Visit Japan
  26. Be debt free
  27. Visit Morocco
  28. Ride in a hot air balloon
  29. Take a cooking class
  30. Learn to bake
  31. Bonfire party
  32. Visit Iceland
  33. Ride a sky lift
  34. Zip-line
  35. Take a cooking class in a foreign country