My friends mean the world to me and I'm the type who would pretty much do anything to help them or be there for them in anyway I can as long as it was humanly possible.
The trouble is that because I am this way, I typically think my friends will be the same too. Not true.

This can be a very disappointing reality to come to terms with. The question then arises, is it fair measure someone up to our expectations? I've been struggling with this question the past few days.
Here's my story
I have been out sick from work pretty much the entire week since having my wisdom teeth extracted.My coworker/friend knew I was out yet for this entire time not a text or phone call was sent my way to see how I was doing. All my other friends from work sent texts to check in but from this girl, nada.

Okay, so I know I wasn't on my death bed but it was pretty bad. It wasn't the old run of the mill extraction, there was a bit of a complication and it was a little worse that it usually is.
Point is, she never once checked to find out if I was dead or alive.
One part of my brain is telling me to say something about it to her because I'm a little hurt.
The other part is telling me not to bother. I'm leaving in a few months so maybe I can do the fade out and move on with my life.
I hate having those talks and I would rather just avoid her until it's time to leave (cowardly act I know).

The logical part of my brain knows that people are going to disappoint us, that's life and if we allow it to bother us each time then we would never have friends.

I'm going to try to get over it and move on. Hopefully it won't affect our relationship(maybe a little late). In the meantime I should probably work on my expectations of others so that next time I'll be more prepared.