Home Living

I've never lived on my own, but that's about to change when I make the move.

Big decisions will need to be be made regarding decorating. I'll be moving into an unfurnished apartment and given money to furnish it all by my lonesome.
I'm no interior decorator and the prospect though exciting is still pretty overwhelming.

I'll need to buy bedroom, living and dining room furniture, oh my! To get a sense of what I want and to help inspire some creativity I've begun my research. Here are just a few of the images I've collected to help me make some progress. So far i'm only on the living room. I haven't even looked at bedroo ideas yet.

This living room is so colorful. I love it! I love that big yellow/citron couch. Never would have thought to go there but I'm feeling it. The placements on the photo frames is a fun way of adding details to the space without it being cluttered.

It's nice to have a little corner to curl up in and read or just decompress after a long day. I just love this little nook. I think it's a great way to use the space. The little rug was what caught my eye, it's too cute!

This living room also has a great feel to it. I love the orange accents and the lighting makes it so inviting. It looks simple enough to do, so even I could pull this off.
So these are just a few of my inspirations. If you know any sites or have any ideas please feel free to help a girl out.