Weighty Subject

Hey all,
Just popping by to say a quick "hey". Waiting to go take my exam for the worst class in the history of my college career.
As I'm sitting here, all I can concentrate on is my rumbling belly.
I re-started my South Beach Diet today (my 2nd attempt in 2 weeks, Girl Scout cookies ended a week of soldier-like self control) and I am going through it. All I can think about is junk food.
Day one is usually the hardest though, especially of you have been eating cookies and junk like I have. Your body just craves the sugars and all that bad stuff.
Ugh...I can make it. Did it before an lost 20 lbs. My goal is to drop 20 again.
Hopefully once my classes end I can incorporate some exercise and tone up. I definitely don't need any extra poundage, that can't be good in temperature in the hundreds.
Wish me luck!!