The End of the Road

It's the time of year I'm sure most teachers look forward to; the end of the school year.
We've started counting down the days until we bid farewell to lesson plans and behavior problems and stress. There are not too many days left before my school ends, 19 to be exact. Oh sweet glorious freedom!!

As I anxiously await the end, I realize that I will be closing an important chapter of my life. It will be the end of my two year service agreement with Teach for America.
Two years ago I got the phone call inviting me to apply to become a part of a group of educators dedicated to closing the achievement gap.
It was that phone call that would change the trajectory of my life and lead me down a path to fulfilling my dream.
Two years ago I did something I swore I would never do: become a teacher. Let that be a lesson to never say never.
This has been two years of immense personal growth. I have learned so much about my strength and resilience and most importantly, God's amazing grace.
This teaching experience has made me more aware of God than anything else. He has worked in ways that just leave me in wonder.

As I come closer to end, I'll be saying good-bye to my school and my students, many of whom I've formed amazing relationships with.
Talk about bitter sweet.
While I am happy to be leaving to go off to teach in AD, I'm worried about my Special Ed kids.
I worry about them regressing. I worry about not being there to motivate them and impress upon them how important it is to always give 100 percent. I worry that they won't get a teacher who frets about them and loves them as much as I do.
This is the tricky part about being a teacher I guess, having to walk away from the kids you've worked with for so long and being unsure of how things will work out for them.

So it will not be as easy as packing my stuff and walking out the door but we all must say good bye at some point.