Girl's Night Out

Last Thursday, my girls and I went to a Shecky's Girls Night Out event in NYC. I've always wanted to go and finally got the chance.I had a great time with the girls. It was just nice to have a stress free evening, laughing and having cocktails.  
There were vendors with jewelery, clothing and hair products. You can buy almost anything at these events.
I bought some new earrings and best of all the natural hair and skin care company Shea Moisture was there. I scored 3 hair products for twenty bucks. Yay me! I bought 2 Curl Enhancing smoothies and some kind of volumizing spray. I'm stocking up people. They do not have that stuff in AD.
There was free cocktails too (of course we indulged), plus a goodie bag with some sample products. 
Check out the website, there are tons of events happening especially in the summer.

Haha, Courtney with instant bangs courtesy of a headband. She did not buy it. 
I saw this girl's afro and had to snap a pic. She is wearing one of the head pieces 
Emily trying on one of the head pieces, how cute!
Courtney with her goodie bad and cocktail

She is wearing a really cool hair piece she made.