How I Spent Saturday

What a busy day!
I had to take two exams for my initial teacher certification. Each exam lasted for 4 hours. Thankfully, I did not stay in them for that long. I think I finished each exam in a little over 2 hrs. I kept praying and praying that I was choosing the right answers. I hate multiple choice!!! Fingers crossed that I passed.
My brain was frazzled afterwards.
Luckily, I had plans later to help me unwind from the exams.
The folks from NY who are also going to AD planned a meet n' greet. We planned to meet at 7 but since I had some time to kill after the exams, I decided to stop and visit my boo.This boy is so darn cute. We crawled around together and laughed and had a jolly ole time.
The meet and greet was fun, There were six of us who turned up and everyone was just so nice. I already have two future travel buddies. We started talking about all the places we want to visit. I can't wait!!
It's good to know a few people before going. It won't feel so lonely when I get there. One of the girls is from Jamaica too. There had to be another Jamaican, those dang Jamaicans turn up everywhere. Lol, yay!