New Beginning

Hi friends, today was a day of closing doors and beginning new chapters.
Closed the doors on grad school and the South Bronx. I am officially done with my Masters program and it was my last day of work at my school.
I'm no longer a student and I am currently unemployed, at least for the next 8 weeks. It feels great, especially when I turned off my 5:15 alarm. Woohoo!

Looking forward to the new chapter of my life as I head off to a world unknown (hahaa so dramatic).

So good news folks, I will be doing a bit of traveling before going off to Abu Dhabi.
Next week it's Pittsburgh to visit see some college friends. It will be the first time we are all together under the same roof in almost 9 years. Exciting huh?

Then, 2 days after I get back I'm going to JAMAICA! I'm so excited. It was a very impulsive decision but I am so happy I made it. My granny still lives in Jamaica and my mom is finally able to go visit her. After booking the ticket for my mom, I was feeling a little sad that I wasn't going.
I really would love to see my granny. She is almost ninety and I don't know what may happen while in Abu Dhabi. If she passes while I'm there and can't get the time to go to her funeral, I would feel horrible not having seen her. It's better to see her alive and well than in a coffin anyway.
It's been six years since I have been to Jamaica so it will be amazing to go home.

Packing will be CRAZY!!! I'm not even thinking about all that. Oh Lordy.
Wish me luck.