Online Dating- I give up again.

I know I have said this before but I went back on my words, shame on me.
Online dating is not for me. I throw out my pole and all i catch is the plastic bag that floats under water.

It's strange how the system works. I get no hits for weeks and then one random day, I'll get four or five messages. All from men who clearly don't pay attention to the compatibility percentages or grammar rules for that matter.
Seriously, I should just give up, delete my profile and get a habit. What is it about my profile that screams "all men who Do Not have a strong command of the English language, step right over" ?
My friend on the other hand, has met some pretty decent guys, well education wise. Granted things didn't work out but at least the guys could hold a conversation and knew when to use a capital letter or period. Even my kindergarten students know this.

God is going to work overtime in that department because I'm an EPIC fail on my own.

Have you had the same problems with online dating? Do you find yourself attracting the same type of men, only with different user names?
Please tell me I'm  not the only one, I think it would crush my self esteem. Lol.


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