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This weekend I had so much fun. I was a true socialite. I was brunching, lunching and happy houring.
On Friday, quite serendipitously I experienced the best sangria I have had in a very long time. My friend and I were trying to find a happy hour place, we walked for a while and spotted  Neely's, as in the Neelys from the Food Network.At first we didn't realize that it was owned by them, we were just ready to go somewhere and they had 4 dollar happy hour specials, ummmm  yes please.
There were some interesting drinks on the menu. Green Tomato Sangria, and yes it really had green tomatoes. Hmm, not for me I thought, so I ordered the Sparkling Sangria which has champagne instead of wine. Yummy!!!

My friend the more adventurous one ordered the GTS, I took a sip and was smitten. I ended up having not one but two of those bad boys. You may think just two? But I'm a serious lightweight and after three drinks, I'm done for. I know my limit.
Anywhoo, I will be going back and taking other people so I can convert them. In case you live in NYC, this place is on 62nd and 1st ave. Peep the amazing wonderment in the lower right hand corner. They serve drinks in Mason  jars, how cool is that??

Lunch on Saturday and brunch on Sunday to celebrate the soon to arrive baby of my adopted little sister kept me busy.
By the way folks this is why I stay chubby. The weekends really do me in. All the yummy food I encounter is more than I can resist.

Oh, also did a little shopping. Gold Sperry's. yay!!! I've been eyeing them for about a year and had a 25 bucks of from J.Crew which was about to expire and figured heck, why not? I've been really good and I deserved these. Hahaha, the lies we tell ourselves.

Have a great week.
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