Wanderlust Invoked

I am yet to become the world traveller I am destined to be but it's not too early to begin my research and planning.
The most fascinating thing for me is to come across women especially those who look like me,  who travel the world living a similar version of my dream.
The dream that I have nurtured for so long can be a reality and I'm inspired by these women to be relentless in my pursuit of seeing it come to fruition.

By way of Oneika the Traveller I discovered photographer, writer and blogger Lily Girma. She has lived in Jamaica and loved it, so immediately I was a fan. Sunshine and Stilettos is the name of her blog and she has some amazing photos.
I found a really great post on her tips for travelling and being able to afford that lifestyle if that is something you have your heart set on. More and more I'm realizing that it isn't as hard as it seems. I mean of course it's hard to leave all you know behind and go to unfamiliar places but once you make the decision, it's doable.
Head over to her page HERE to read those tips and get some inspiration.
Hope your wanderlust is invoked much as mine has been.
P.S Oneika is also amazing and lives a totally fun and adventurous life. Check her out too.


  1. We have a love of traveling in common! Every year for at least the last 5 years I have gone somewhere new, sometimes in the US, sometimes not, but I definitely plan to keep it up while I'm young and only responsible for myself. Cheers to traveling!

    1. That is exactly why I'm making this crazy move. I promised myself that if I wasn't in a serious realtionship by age 30, I would move. It came a year early, but what the heck! I will follow your lead and go somewhere new every year, that is awesome.
      Thanks for stopping by.


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