Misadventure on a Bus

As I write this post, I'm reclining in my seat on the express Greyhound bus from Pittsburgh using the free WiFi provided. This is the last and suprisingly decent leg of a less than great beginning journey. For starters, I was actually supposed to be on Megabus, another bus company and should have been at home and in bed already. However, for some inexplicable reason determined by a higher power,I missed that bus. Folks, it was literally sitting around the corner as my friends and I kept driving around searching for the bus. It also did not help that the company had sent a million and one emails with changes to the pick up location. We were hella confused, and none of us were familiar with the area so we had no clue that the bis stop was under our noses. So close that we saw it pulling away from the location. As it pulled away I thought it was coming around to pick up but sadly it was making its way to NY without yours truly. Thank God for my IPhone, as we were heading back to my friend's apartment I began searching for alternate travel options. Megabus was out, no Sunday trips. Flying was way too expensive. I looked up Greyhound, which luckily had a station around the corner from where we were waiting for Megabus. I bought a 2am bus ticket, my friend turned around and back downtown we headed. God interveeved because although by the time I got on the bus it was practically full to capacity,an older man at the very front had an empty window seat available. All the other people had passed the seat and I was almost the last to get on and there was the perfect seat waiting. Lucky thing too because the 2 seats left were either next to the creep who kept looking over at me or the 400 lb guy who took up almost both seats. I felt really bad for the guy who got stuck beside him. He was practically cuddling the big guy by the middle of the trip. Funny thing, one the transfer bus the old guy was there and same situation again. I was in the last group and all the seats were practically full; and at the front there was old guy waiting with the empty seat.God is way awesome. I hate the aisle seat and I abhor sitting in the back of a bus. Lesson learned many years ago as I spent the entire first half of the trip with my nose and mouth pressed against the window sill sucking in any amount of fresh air because the stench from the bathroom was so unbearable, but I digress. Old guy and I made jokes about me following him and him saving my seat. So,I'm in my seat up front and at the window. Yay!!! So despite things not working out the way I wanted, they worked out in the end. Things happen for a reason and I'm learning to just be flexible and go with the flow. I have a feeling this experience is preparing me for something. Don't know what exactly but I do know that I can handle it. Ciao!