It's Getting Hot, Hot, Hot

I'm in Pittsburgh visiting with friends for a reunion of sorts. I've seen each of them in the past two years but they haven't seen each other in eight years. We have been reminiscing about the good ol' college old days and pretty much misbehaving. Good times, good times. Pittsburgh is a great city but I must say the heat is not working for me. Don't get me wrong, NY is just as hot so it's not a diss to the Pitts. The reality just hit while I was here traipsing all over town that my behind decided to move to a country that sits on the sun's a*%. What the hell was I thinking? I sweat like a whore in church(this colorful analogy is brought to you courtesy of my crazy friend) and it is not a pretty sight.If I'm complaining about the heat here what is going to happen when I move and it's a desert out there? Any hopes of meeting Mr. Right in Abu Dhabi are dwindling. The temperature there is way worse so just imagine how sweaty and gross I'll be. I don't which man is going to want none of that. Good thing I'm not moving there to find a rich man to take care of me as relax and eat peeled grapes while lounging on a diamond encrusted chaise. Lol. Well that's a wrap tonight folks. Talk to you soon.pray that I don't melt like a stick of butter on a griddle cake. Ciao!