Jamaican Me Crazy

Hi folks, I'm back from my awesome trip to Jamaica. 
Wow, did I have a great time. I think I fell in love with Jamaica in a new way, from a mature point of view I guess. 
When I lived there I was young and dumb and could not appreciate all that the country has to offer. This time though it was different, I enjoyed the beaches and the food and the culture. 
Absence does make the heart grow fonder I suppose. 

Saw some friends and family who I haven't seen in ages and the good thing is that it didn't even feel weird seeing them after so long. We just fell right back into old times which means plenty of laughter. I think I might be planning more regular trips home, it was just that great. Why did I stay away fro so long???

I checked out some new places, the hotspots in Kingston. Ate and ate way too much ackee and saltfish and fried fish with bammy. My waistline is really suffering but it was well worth it. I will need to go on a serious diet.

Enjoy some of my pictures from the trip. 
Bluefields Beach, Westmoreland
just the girls


Hellshire Beach where you get the best fried fish and bammy

Picking my fish for lunch

My fried fish with festivals and bammy

my friend-over 15 yrs of friendship

15 years of friendship

my cousin and I hanging out at WhiteBones in Kingston