Losing Again

You know how I went to Jamaica and attempted to make up for the almost 12 years I was away by eating EVERYTHING I hadn't been able to eat? Of course I'm paying the price now and almost none of my jeans can fit.
Well I came across a diet that guarantees to help shed the poundage quickly.
At first glance it may look like a crash diet but the blogger stated that it is doctor recommended so since I'm pretty desperate I decided to try it.
I am now on day 3 and I have to say I feel pretty ok considering I've consumed are fruits and veggies.
4 more days to go before I go back to eating regularly.
Here is the picture I first found. The blogger made it so simple and concise with this template. 
 I'm also listing the website where you can read up more about the diet if you want. Check it out HERE.
Hopefully I can atleast fit back into some of my clothes when I'm done.