Natural Girl

Hey remember when I made the goal to go natural and that by this month I would be rocking my kinks? Well, I actually did it. I've been wearing my hair out and went to Jamaica with my little twist out.
I love it!!! It's been very easy to manage, I love a big ol' afro but I've come to realize that having fine hair can be a blessing.

The good thing about having fine hair is that it is soft and doesn't get tangled easily. Washing my hair doesn't become a huge ordeal and I'm not sitting around twisting my hair for hours, thank God.
I'm no natural expert nor have I tried a ton of products. I refused to become a product junkie, no sir. Instead I've found one line of products that I like and will try to stick to as long as I can get my hands on it.
The products are from Shea Moisture.

It's a  relatively inexpensive line and can pretty much be bought anywhere. I use the souffle and the smoothie and my hair always feels moisturized without being greasy.
The souffle is more of a gel consistency but doesn't give that dry crunchy feeling that other gels give nor does it leave that white build up.
I also use the shampoo which is designed for dry itchy scalp which I suffer from, so far it has worked nicely and I am pleased with the results.

rocking my little twist out 

twisted again
While at the beach one girl kept staring at me and when I noticed she said she really liked my hair. Not gonna lie, it totally made my day and helped to build my confidence a bit. 
I will be wearing my hair like this until I leave.I am thinking about getting braids right before my departure until I get over there and can get myself settled. I don't want my hair to be another thing added to complicate my life when I move. 
Send me links to natural websites or YouTubers that you like.