7 Whole Days....Almost

It's almost been 7 days since I've been living in Abu Dhabi. And no, it still doesn't feel entirely real. While hanging at the pool today a girl asked my friend and I if we were visiting. Our respond was that we live here. We had a good laugh afterwards because it's still shocking that we can actually say we live here.

So far I've been to the mall a lot, it's not that hard when the hotel you live in is connected to the mall. I don't even have to go outside to get to the mall. From what I see, that's all people do, the rich people that is. It's just too freaking hot to be walking around outside. The mall has food and AC.  What more can you ask for in 103 degree weather. Walking outside feels like walking in an oven. The only good thing is that it's dry heat so I'm actually not sweating like a harlot in church.

I know for sure I will not be a shopaholic here. It's very expensive. Everything is at least 10 dollars more than in the US and if you know me then you know I'm cheap. I walk around with my little calculator converting dirhams to dollar. If I wouldn't buy it in America I'm for sure not spending that kind of money here. It's a good thing though, I'll be able to save so I can travel.