So I've been to 2 malls so far since I've been here and I've noticed that they sell pretty much the same type of clothing as the malls is NYC. In fact they have some of the same stores like Zara, Forever21,  Bebe and even Victoria's Secret.
I've also noticed the women who shop at these stores are mainly Emirate women. Picture a women dressed in black from head to toe. Sometimes revealing only their eyes. So imagine my surprise when I noticed them buying the skimpiest little dresses and sexy minis.
Umm excuse me but when and where do you wear these outfits?
Are they hidden under your Abayas? Or do you just walk around in your living room wearing a 150 shear top from Zara?

I need to make friends with an Emirate woman so I can find this out. I'm not sure why it's so fascinating to me but I just need to know.