No Good-Byes Just See You Laters

Tonight will be my last night in New York, at least for the next year and a half. 
Wow, writing it down has made it shift from an abstract thought to a concrete situation. I am leaving, yes it has finally sunk in that I will not be sleeping in my bed, under the same roof with my mom. I won't be hopping on the subway anymore( this is can live with, quite comfortably too) and I won't be seeing my friends. The sadness is setting in, especially with  the prospect of saying goodbye to my mom. I hope I don't cry like a baby at the airport but I can't promise that.

I have spent the last few days meeting up with my friends. It has been amazing and I know for sure that these people are true friends. They were willing to find the time to see me, some of them on multiple occasions. I have always been blessed with great friends wherever I go and I pray that Abu Dhabi will be no different. I shall truly miss them.
The great thing is that I feel confident that the friendships will survive despite the distance and time. 
I have Skype and all Facebook and Textnow. I'm set, plus there is good old fashion emails. There is always a way to keep in touch.  

So, the next time I write it will be from half way across the world.. I'm heading out on a late night flight and will get to Abu Dhabi on the 10th. Wish me luck. O am so excited to let you know what it's like.
Until then,