Dubai Day Trip

All is right in the universe again, I got my tech issues sorted out. Yay. I'm quite happy as I was not looking forward to having to purchase a new comp. I can now share pics again. Happy dance. 

I went to Dubai again. Notice how I said it so causally as if it's no biggie. Ha, it was a biggie and I had an amazing time. I got a much better chance this time to see the city. I even stopped by the beach and I got a chance to wade in the Gulf waters. It's beautiful y'all. The architecture will leave you breathless. You can tell a lot of thought went into the design of the buildings. They are amazing works of art. 

Got a chance to stop by another Souq, wow let me tell you. You ain't seen knockoff till you go to Dubai. Tory Burch, Hemes, Mulburry and loads of other top designer. Real leather stuff, just at a fraction of the cost. I'm not gonna lie, I did pick up a pair of Ray Bans reading glasses. Lol. I maybe going back to pick up a Tory. Just don't blow up my spot when you see me. 
It's a bargain shopper's dream. You can haggle your way down to the price you want. I got the glasses for the equivalent of 10 bucks down from 28. I also got my friend a good deal on a "Chanel" watch made from real ceramic. I got mad bargaining skills, lol. I loved the experience and mos def will be going back. 

So as promised here are a few photos from my trip. The sky in Dubai is very hazy because of all the dust. There is so much construction going on so its always hazy. 

Burj Al Khalifa- tallest building in the world. Much more awesome in real life.

These buildings are super awesome.

Good Friends- Wading in the Gulf. The sand was HOT!

Burj Al Arab- the sailboat hotel. Better looking n real life. 

Some office or apartments, not sure but it's cool.

The Atlantis Hotel-Dubai
Dubai Mall-The Divers

One of the many beautiful Mosques in Dubai