Finding Love in a Hopeless Place

Before you get excited, no I'm not in love nor have I met someone, Well not technically. Sorry to disappoint, I know you are all waiting with bated breath for me to announce that I finally found me a man. You probably should breathe, it may be a while yet.

Like any normal person, when you move to a new place particularly after being single for far too long you begin to wonder if it is possible to meet someone. A new place holds the potential to find the ONE. The love of your life that clearly was not in your home town.
I've been wondering, maybe even hoping that this could be the place; that maybe I'll fall hopelessly in love with someone here and settle down.

Yesterday, I met a beautiful boy from Jordan. Serious eye candy. He was friendly and funny, even though he knows about 10 words in English. Haha, you should have been a fly on the wall for that conversation, you would have died. Him switching between Arabic and broken English and me speaking as slowly as I could in English. Many looks of confusion on our faces.

Here is the thing, he is Muslim and I am Christian.
Many of the men you will meet here are probably going to be Muslim, after all this is a Muslim country and the countries surrounding this one are also predominantly Muslim. Muslims and Christians don't typically marry. They don't convert and I won't.

Nothing may arise from this meeting between this boy and I but it made me think that this is how it may be for the next two years that I live here. There are lots of other beautiful men and I'm a single gal so I check them out but it seems it may be a hopeless situation.
I guess I can continue to browse the aisles but I just can't buy. Depressing thought. lol.

I suppose only time will tell how this all unfolds.