I am a Queen....

In Abu Dhabi .
Hahah, gotcha!
It's because I haven't had a chance tell you about mex living arrangements so far in the UAE so you have doubts.
So here is how I became a Queen, in my head at least.
The company that has hired me along with approximately 500-600 teachers has been very generous. 
We are all staying in 5 star hotels.
I'm staying at Beach Rotana, which according to my bellhop is the numero uno hotel in Abu Dhabi.
The hotel property is beautiful.There is a state of the art gym, sauna and pool. And the cutest little beach. Lol, I sound country as heck like I've never been anywhere before, but you have to be here to understand. 
I love it and could get very used to having someone fluff the pillows in my humongous comfy bed and put those little creases in my toilet paper everyday. 

The staff treats us like stars and they are so friendly. They come by every night to check to make sure we are ok and to ask if we need anything. At breakfast they make sure we are happy and full.
I'm soaking it up cause on the reg I would NEVER be able to afford this.
Unfortunately I don't have pics but check it out HERE .
If you ever visit and you have money I highly recommend this place.