My Apartment

Guest Bathroom

Master Bathroom


Living Room

I finally got a chance to post these pictures of my apartment the day I visited.
The building is still under construction, actually the entire city is under construction. It's supposed to be amazing when it is complete with a mall and supermarket a stone's throw away.
The apartment is very nice, I have a balcony that extends from the bedroom to the living room. There is lots of light that gets in and its just a super awesome place.
My only issue is that the bathroom is soooo awkward. The toilet is practically connected to the sink and shower. I can shave my leg, use the toilet and brush my teeth at the same time. I'll manage though, plus there is a half bathroom if I absolutely need more space.
This is my first apartment so I'm very excited to have the opportunity to decorate.
The weird thing about the apartments here is that they don't come with appliances so I'll have to furnish from scratch. Luckily they give us money to buy furniture.
With enough shopping around, I'll be able to furnish the place and have some money left over for a trip somewhere.
For now Ikea is my go to place for furniture. I  know it's not the greatest but considering that is is only temporary, I don't need to spend lots of money on furniture. As long as I get a good bed and mattress I'll be a-okay.
Can't wait to show pictures of the results. Stay tuned!