My Entourage aka My Hommies

When I told people that I would be moving to Abu Dhabi, they asked if I knew anyone there. When I said no, they looked at me like I was crazy. How can you possibly move to a place with not pre-existing connections and with no friends?
My true friends weren't worried because they know me.

I make friends easily and quickly.

I've always felt very blessed when it comes to making friends. God has always placed the right people in my life, people who are giving as well as accepting of who I am.

This move to AD has not been any different. Before I got here, I prayed that God would send people into my life who were amazing and as usual, he answered my prayer. 

Since day one, I have met some lifelong friends who have become a huge part of my life here. I can't imagine what the next 2 years would be like if they hadn't made their way into my life. 

It's so funny to because all our names begin with the "K" sound, the teacher in me noticed that. 

So there is Khadijah, the first lady friend I met. She doesn't remember the night we met ( sounds illicit doesn't it?), it was at the airport after landing in AD. She sat behind me on the bus to the hotel as we took in the amazing landscape of what would be our home for the next 2 years. She is just so open and funny and beautiful. She has the most random British accent even though she is from Texas which she refers to as her "country". LOL. She is a character and I love it. We laugh way too loudly when we are together. 

Kathy and Kalli were also on that bus ride that night. Kathy is a little older but no less fun to be around. 
I don't even notice our age difference. She loves to laugh which makes me laugh. For some odd reason, she thinks I'm funny so I appreciate that. We can hang for hours and I never get tired of her. She is just super cool. She is from CT and I always laugh when she tells the locals and no one knows where it is. She is on a one woman mission to spread the gospel of CT to the people of AD. hahaha

Kalli is quiet but funny. She is a homebody from Texas and sometimes I won't see her for days but when she is around she makes up for her absence. She is sweet and always up for a good time. Cute as a button too, literally cause she is only 4 ft 11". 

Cathy the British chick and Krista make up the last of my little entourage. 
Cathy is funny as hell and her accent is way cool. She is also adventurous, she's done a lot of traveling to all the places on my bucket list. It's great hanging around her. She is open and always sees the good in people.

Krista is from Texas. She is a fellow Christian who shares my passion for photography. She is knowledgeable and always willing to share bits of info. She will be my go to person for current affairs since I never watch the news. 

Cathy, Me and Krista

Me, Khadijah and Cathy
Kalli et moi

So there you have it folks. These are my peeps. Of course I have made other friends but these are the ladies who I have shown my true colors to and they've accepted me. They don't mind that I'm loud and that I snort when I laugh or that I am way to brash.