Reality Checked Baggage

Although I have yet to receive my ticket or departure date ( I was told I'm definitely leaving between the 6-11th and that I'll be hearing either tonight or tomorrow), I'm packing. I might as well keep myself busy and get it done.
I was determined that I was only going to be travelling with 2 checked suitcases plus my backpack and a small carryon.
Hahaha. Yeah that was my plan but as I stuff my hair products and shoes into all the nooks and crannies of my 2 suitcases, I now realize how unrealistic I was/am. It's proving to be mission impossible; I still have school supplies that I want to pack as well as more shoes and hair products. Both suitcases are over the 50 lb weight limit and like I said I'm not done yet.
Am soon as I know which airline I'll be travelling on, I'll have to find out what their fees are for extra bags and overweight luggage.
Hopefully, I can have this all done over the weekend.