Ok so you know how I've been saying that it hasn't really hit me yet that I'm in Abu Dhabi? Well it finally did today.
As I lay curled up in my hotel bed watching Miss Congeniality 2 and I hear the commercials in Arabic, reality really hit me.
I'm in a foreign country half way across the world from everything that's familiar. I did feel a little sad and surprisingly homesick.
How strange that it took something that simple to trigger my emotions. I haven't felt sad since I've been here. Been busy running around but being alone has made me realize that I'm so far way from home.
I'm sure eventually I'll be fine and that this feeling won't last for long.
I suppose it was a matter of time before I would feel this way. Better sooner than later.
How do you deal with being far away from home? What are your coping strategies?


  1. I deal with loneliness by going to the Dubai Mall.

    1. I will have to check out the Dubai mall. Thanks for the tip.


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