So I'm finally in Abu Dhabi. It's been a very long and hot 3 days but I'm having a lot of fun thus far.
It still seems like a dream vacation. I have to constantly remind myself that I'm actually here to work and live for the next 2 years.
Once school begins, reality will slap me in the face and I will be very aware that I'm here to work.
Luckily I've met some really cool people and we've been slowly getting acclimated to the heat and the city. It's good to have people to go out with and who will look out for you. They will be living in the same apartment complex so I'll have friends all around me.

I'm making little steps towards transitioning into the life here. I took the bus and a taxi yesterday. The bus was ok, women sit in the front and all the smelly men go to the back. I like that.
Taxis are ridiculous here. They drive like maniacs. It was like being on an amusement park ride.
One thing I've learned so far is to NOT sit in the front of the cab.
I've also gotten a cellphone and I have a local phone number.

Guess who has her own apartment now?? Yup, moi.
Brand new, never been lived in before apartment. It's lovely for the most part.
I have a balcony and a big living room.
The kitchen is great and so is my bedroom.
I'll show pics soon once I get things set up. The place is 20 minutes outside of Abu Dhabi City and maybe 40-50 minutes from Dubai.
The complex is still under construction but should be done completely by early next year or even by the end of this year.
Right now we will have access to he pool and gym. Later when it's done, the tennis courts and jacuzzis will be available for use.
My only complaint is that my bathroom set up is AWFUL. The space is so tight, I can brush my teeth and shave my legs while using the toilet. That's just how close everything is. Funny enough, not all the apartments are like that. Most of them have a normal set up. I'm just at the end and they must have run out of space. Bad design but I can live.
The overall quality is great and truth be told if I wanted to rent that kind of space in NYC I would be looking at rent in the thousands.
It's free here and I'm not gonna complain, well not too much.
I'm gonna catch up on some well needed rest,