Yes I Sure Did

finally get myself packed up and ready to leave y'all.
It has only taken 96 hours to get my 2 suitcases down to 70 pounds each.
I have experienced tremendous amounts of stress but after several tries, sweat and back ache, I managed to get the essentials in those suitcases.
I might have to double check the weight on them but I think they're good.

By the way, I finally got my ticket and visa. I was a bit worried (which was dumb) but in these kinds of high stress times it is hard to not freak out when thing don't happen as fast as they should.
So I'll be leaving on August 9th and flying to Qatar and then to Abu Dhabi.
15 hours people of traveling. The flight to Qatar is 12 hrs and 20 mins. OMG! I'll be so antsy. It's an overnight flight but I never sleep when I travel.
I will be looking a HOT MESS when I land in AD.

Funny thing is although I'm packed and have the tickets, it just doesn't seem real yet. Is that weird?
I think it will hit me when I have to say goodbye to my mom and I walk through security. I won't see her for 365 days. That's a lot of days.   Sigh. I'll be okay though, I think.
I'll miss all my friends too. I'm so lucky to have awesome friends which makes leaving suck so much. I know I'll make new friends but it's hard to start over and building new relationships takes time and energy. Pray for me guys.
Until next time,