Getting Back into the Groove

So today I went to work. It seems a little unreal saying this, I guess my brain isn't quite ready to accept the fact that this isn't really just a paid vacation. I'm slow sometimes.
Though in  my defense, the past 3 and a half weeks have been just that- a GRAND vacation complete with 5-star hotel accommodations.
I've done nothing remotely resembling work. I've lounged about, hung out at ways too many malls and just pretty much been a bum. I was having the time of my life in this awesome new city. As they say though, all good things must come to an end.

My school is located on an air force base and we need a security clearance badge to get on the base.
It's a pretty small school. There are 3 KG-1(Pre-K)  classes, 3 KG-2 (Kindergarten) classes, 2 First grades, 2 Second grades and 1 Third grade.
I've been assigned to KG-1. Yes folks I will be teaching the babies, 3 and 4 yr olds. Wish me luck!! I don't currently have an Arabic co-teacher, I should have one. The kids will all speak Arabic and though I've learned a few words, it's not exactly enough to educate them efficiently. Not even close. I know 5 words and I don't even pronounce them well.
They said there is a one coming tomorrow. Inshallah she comes, cause I would be in deep you- know-what.

I got my class roster. I'll have 22 kids in my class and can I just tell you, they all have like 6 names. Luckily, we only need to use the first 2 names. I'm gonna have a task trying to get them correct.

We are an all women staff and it was great meeting everyone. They were friendly and very welcoming. I felt a part of the staff and I immediately felt very comfortable.
It sounds like a great schedule too. The classes begin at 8 and the kids leave at 12. Umm yeah, I love it!

Next week the kids come in. I am excited and a little nervous. Hopefully I'll do a good job and not traumatize those poor babies or vice versa.
Fingers crossed and toes just for extra measures.