Ma Fi Mushkila

These past few days have been very taxing. I'm in the process of furnishing and moving into my apartment. On top of that work has begun.
I was feeling a bit overwhelmed today. After meeting with my Arabic co-teacher to talk about the schedule and rules and all those important teacher stuff, I realized that I'm really in a new place and in a new job that I don't feel adequately prepared for.
Doubt and worry started to crowd my mind and I just couldn't focus on anything except the fact that I have no supplies, nothing prepared for the arrival of my students on Sunday and no idea how to teach 22 three and four year olds English. 

It took me a couple hours but I think I'm ok now. I went to the store and got some teacher stuff. Poster paper, workbooks, scissors, double stick tape and an alphabet poster for the wall. Tomorrow I can do some work to make the classroom feel like mine. Baby steps.

I'm letting go of the worry and doubt. There is no sense worrying about things. God brought me here and placed me in that job. All I can do is put my trust in him to make it all fall into place.
As my co-teacher says "Ma Fi Mushkila"- no problem. It will all be alright, inshallah.