Return to the Living

So folks I'm back!
I moved into my new apartment almost 2 weeks ago and I just now got my Internet set up.
It was ok not having Internet for a bit but I was ready to rejoin civilization.I really missed talking to my mom and friends back home.

Not much has happened in these two weeks. I started working and it's been ok. That's pretty much it.
I'm still feeling a little overwhelmed, I have 21 little faces looking at me and expecting me to teach them English. Talk about pressure.
It's been interesting trying to communicate with them.I swear they're going to learn English, while my English deteriorates to 3 word sentences.
My kids are super cute, of course I have the few who need extra loving and patience but I think overall that they like me. My favorite part of the day is singing "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" with them, you should see their faces. They get so excited and it is pretty darn adorable.They try to repeat what I say and it is hilarious. For some reason they all have lisps. Maybe 3 and 4 year olds have lisps, I dunno know. It's cute though.
The apartment is coming together nicely. It feels like home and I am comfortable. I'll post pics once I've gotten my lazy butt sufficiently motivated. Inshallah.