Hair Update

A regular patron to this little blog where I peddle my life's story recently asked what was up with my hair.

Remember when I decided to embark on the natural journey? Well, she wanted to know how I was getting along over here.
Folks I'm happy to report that the journey continues. I absolutely love being natural and don't find it as challenging as some people do.
I've had a bump or two along the way. These were bumps of my own doing and has nothing at all to do with the manageability/ texture of my hair.
So here is how I managed to eff up my hair royally.
I decided rather unwisely to color my hair. I just had to have red hair despite the research I'd done which directed me to do otherwise but I can be a stubborn fool at times. So ahead I went and colored away.
All was well for a little while, I loved the color and I was feeling myself, thought I was cute.
The weather here changed and for some reason my hair started acting up. Seems the color was now taking it's toll. My hair was no longer soft and manageable, instead it just started getting really tangled and rough. Dry doesn't even begin to describe the mess on my head. Bits of hair would just break off in my hand and forget about trying to comb it. It was an exercise in the futile.
I tried moisturizing with my homemade mix of aloe vera juice, vegetable glycerine and a bunch of natural oils, nada. Crazy because that stuff was magic before.
After every wash I had to cut the ends off because the breakage was so bad. One particularly trying wash day I got so frustrated with trying to detangle, I hacked off a handful of hair on one side of my head. You can imagine what a fool I looked like. One side of my hair was longer than the other. Thank God for 'fros. No one could tell.

Fast forward to a month or so after the cutting episode and I've noticed that my hair if doing much better. I've tried to be consistent in moisturizing and let me tell you it is working. I also started using my Castor oil again on the ends to seal in the moisture. My hair is getting soft again. It's not fully recovered yet, I'll keep trimming the ends until the damage is gone.

I've learned my lesson big time. No. More. Color. That is it for me. I will be satisfied with the color I was born with, too bad cause I am well cool as a red head.