I'm Still Living

In a hotel. Check it out  HereIt's a beautiful hotel and I'm not complaining, really I'm not. 
I spend my afternoons drinking tea and relaxing with friends. I eat 3 meals a day for free and I don't have to clean my room.What better way to live? 
Truth is, I miss having  my own apartment. I miss doing my laundry and cooking dinner for myself.
Its been 3 weeks since the demise of Al Rayyana and we still have no idea when we will be moving. We were booked until the 14th, obviously we aren't moving. One of the workers told me the booking has been extended until the 19th, however since there has been no word from our employer it's not set in stone.

There was a meeting held a week ago to get a count of the people who wanted to move back into the apartments. We were told that the investigation was over and it is safe to return. There were quite a few people who wanted to go back, including myself (I've now decided to move). We were told that other accommodations were being acquired but the location was still unknown.
So many unknowns.
I'm just trying to enjoy life and not fret  about what is going to happen. Clearly I have no control over the situation.

We shall see how this all will unfold.
Stay tuned....