Shopping in Abu Dhabi

So many of you already know that one of my favorite things to do is shop. Some people may add that I have a slight, ok well not so slight problem with shopping. Some may even venture to call it an addiction. I'm not denying any of this. I.Heart.Shopping.

One of the things I miss about being in NY is shopping. Not just any shopping either, the good kind; extra percent off already reduced prices. I'm really picky about where I shopped though. J.Crew was
pretty much it for me. They were great for the sale bit which is why I loved them so much. Champagne taste on a beer budget.

Well, Abu Dhbai hasn't lived up to my shopping expectations. I just wasn't impressed with the retail offerings. They do have some of the stores from back home as well as some popular ones from the U.K. You can find Topshop, Zara, H&M and some others I'm not too familiar with. Since I'm cheap, Zara doesn't work for me here. I was never a Topshop fan and sometimes H&M disappoints.
They never have good sales and if they even have a sale it's nothing I would want. Circa 2003. I just can't. My champagne taste and beer budget just haven't been working in my favor.

I've simply curtailed my shopping habit tremendously. Which is not a bad thing, I can actually start to save some money. Well, that was until I discovered at little gem called Lindex. OMG. This place is my J.Crew here. Very decent sale. They recently had a sale, buy 2get one free. Awesome! Plus the stuff was an additional 25% off . Yes please. I went back on 2 separate occasions. The clothes are stylish and grown. I was willing to pay full price people. Me, full price. You have to understand how huge that is. I am well cheap.

I don't plan on getting carried away but I am happy. For those days when only a little retail therapy
can cure the blues, it's good to have somewhere to go.