Starting Over...Again

Tomorrow I move into my new new apartment. I'm exhausted already just thinking about having to unpack yet again and get settled. It's been almost a month since my displacement. A month of not cleaning up after myself or cooking, just like the good ol' days in the US of A.
Tomorrow I go back to being a responsible adult.

I had a chance to see my apartment today. It's great. Similar open concept as the old place which I like. Spacious bedroom and living room. Guest toilet and a separate room for the washer.
Perfectly situated on the outskirts of the city with the mall only 10 minutes away. The gym and pool are complete, so I can get my sexy back.

As awesome as this place sounds, it comes with its share of problems. One of the biggest problem is that this place requires an electric stove but I have a gs one because that's what I needed at the old place. So here I am stuck with a perfectly useless stove. Arghhhhh.
There are  other little  logistical stuff I won't bore or depress you with.
Also, my friends are all gone to live on a fancy island, I'll be all alone and you know how much I struggle with that. 
I know everything will work out eventually so I won't worry about any of it. 

Wish me luck with the unpacking. I won't have Internet for a while since they have to transfer the line and business goes slower than molasses on a cold day over here. 
Stay tuned....