The Day I Ate Camel Meat...I Think

So today I went back to work after being absent for 2 days due to the drama at the apartments.
It was a relatively good day, it went by quickly and my kids were well behaved for the most part. No complaints.

After work I went to the co-op next to my school. I was standing in line to make my purchase when the military man in front of me asked if I was a teacher. I said yes and asked if he had kids at the school. He told me the kid's name and it just so happens that he is in my class. The dad got very excited and invited me immediately to come to his house to eat. I tried to decline but there was no way out, so I finished my purchase and got in the car with a man I'd had a 2 minute conversation with.
After I had gotten in the car it occurred to me to make sure it was the right kid. If anyone works in schools over here you know that some names are super popular and you can have a hundred kids with the exact same name. After confirming, I felt more at ease.
We get to the house and I meet his wife and other kids.
I was then presented with a giant plate of rice and what I thought was chicken. After a few bites I realized it wasn't.
I was convinced it was camel meat. Later during a conversation with the wife I had the opportunity to ask what kind of meat it was. She said goat but I've eaten goat for most of my life and I promise I have never tasted goat meat like that. I'm pretty much convinced its camel.

They were super nice and over fed me. On my way out, they insisted I return because their home was now my home and we were now friends.
It was such a great experience despite the questionable meat.I'm glad I tossed caution to the wind and got in the perfectly strange man's car.