Camel Burger Eating, Sushi Making and Other Shenanigans

This weekend was a super busy one and filled with some firsts. It was my friend Khadijah's birthday weekend, despite being sick she was determined to live it up to the fullest. We stayed local and took advantage of some of Abu Dhabi's offerings.
The festivities began on Thursday night which is the start of our weekend. We went out to a little club called Warehouse. It's less pretentious than most of the other clubs around here so you can totally be chill and act a fool if so desired (many people do-which is part of the entertainment). They have a pretty good live band and great music otherwise. Didn't get home until 4 am.
Cathy, B-day girl and me

Friday began with tea, it's our tradition to have tea and relax. Some shopping for Turkish lamps and the best part, feasting on Camel Burger. Yes, actual burger made from camel meat. That's me, taking a chomp out of the burger. Surprisingly it was pretty good. I would definitely eat it again.
Camel Burger goodness

Saturday was by far the most awesome day I have had thus far. We went to a sushi making class and lunch. It was so much fun. I can make sushi y'all!!! Come over, I'll make you some. lol.
Not to toot my own horn, but it was well delish. I haven't had sushi in the longest, so it was delightful.
After the glass we hung about the Yacht club and chatted while sipping on some bubbly goodness.
If the opportunity ever presents itself for you to take a class I highly recommend doing so. It's pretty cool.
the lovelies

My work

Later that evening we checked out a Polo game. I've never watched a game of polo before but it was exciting. I am not usually a big sports person but I couldn't help but get into the game. There is something about men on horses chasing a ball across lush green grass. Kinda sexy.

To say I had a blast would be an understatement. I am still exhausted but it was well worth it. Looking forward to more fun times.