Thank God it's Thursday! I've been looking forward to today since Sunday. This week has been particularly tiring. So much so that I've taken to napping in the afternoons, something I thought I would never do.
All I can think about each day is that I can't wait to get into bed, I would be worried if I was the only one feeling this way but all my coworkers are having the same experience. Those little kids requires so much energy. It's frightening.
By the way, have I mentioned how much I love my kids? Omg, they are sooooo cute even the extra naughty ones. It's amazing how much of a connection I've made with them despite our language barrier. I have no clue what they're saying when they talk to me and they only understand a fraction of what I say. I try to communicate my love for them non-verbally and they eat it up.
They catapult their little bodies to give me hugs and they yell my name when they are playing and wave at me.
It definitely makes teaching easier , well the management part of it when they love you. I am very blessed to have this relationship. They make me laugh everyday.
I'm planning to enjoy my time away from them, as much as I love them.