Catching Up

Hi folks, I am a little behind on my posts. Just plain ol' laziness and nothing more.

So what have I been up to?
My last two weekends have been very busy.

I spent part of the long National Day weekend in Dubai celebrating the birthday of an acquaintance. She rented a yatch and we spent a glorious afternoon soaking up the sun and living it up. Boy did I have a grand time.
Later that night we feasted on Japanese food at Nobu and partied at N'dulge nightclub in the Atlantis Hotel, where we happened to be spending the night.
Loved every minute of my time there. Dubai is an awesome place to chill on the weekend.

This past weekend, I hosted my first  dinner party.
I wish someone had told me how stressful a job it was going to be. I was in panic mode up until the day fretting about the menu. Pinterest came to my rescue thankfully.
I made Rice and Peas with Pineapple Chicken for the entree.
For appetizers I had two different types of bruschetta, fruit and cheese platter, veggies and dip.
My friends also contributed to the menu and in the end there was just so much food. I was stuffed from  looking at it all.
Seriously though I heart Pinterest. What an amazing resource.

The best part of it all is that my friends came and had a wonderful time so I was very happy to have put in all the effort because they appreciated it so much.

So folks there you have it. Just a brief synopsis of the last couple of weekends. My goal was to write in a  more timely manner and make this post a lot more eloquent and exciting but kinda didn't go as planned.
I promise to continue to find exciting things to do and keep you properly entertained. Lol.

Check out random pictures of my Dubai weekend.