Farewell Oman! The Final Hours

Our final day in Oman was quite uneventful for the most part.
We chilled in the hotel lounge reading, watching the tele and chatting with an Irish mother and daughter duo.
Later we gathered up our stuff, did a final look through of our room, checked out and were on our way to the airport.
Saeed of course was our driver. He happened to bring his four year old daughter along for the ride. Cute. As. A. Button that kid. Smart too, she was showing off her English skills by counting. The teacher in me was impressed.
We shared some more laughs and an awkward hug between him and Khadijah when we finally got to the airport.
Lol, you should have been there folks. Muslim men don't hug women to whom they are neither wedded nor related, much less in public.Oh but he wanted to hug her so badly. It was cute

After our goodbyes, we were all set for our flight.  Except , we weren't. Turns out we had missed it. Oops... We thought it was at 5:30 pm but it was actually in the a.m. 
What a colossal failure that was. Lesson for next time...check your itinerary multiple times. 

We ended up having to pay almost the price of the round trip ticket and spent 9 hours in the airport. The airlines wanted to charge 650 dirhams each for the ticket, no bueno.
 I had to turn on my feminine charms and got a man from a different airlines to hook us up with his employee discount. We paid 400 which is still a lot but there was no other option. It was time to go home.

The wait wasn't so bad except for those dreadful five minutes when Khadijah was a tad bit mad at me for not checking with her before buying tickets for the flight that was leaving at midnight. She got over it though. I'm just too cute and awesome, she couldn't stay mad at me. Well, that is what I tell myself anyway. It has nothing to do with the fact that she really is a nice person.

We found lots of things to entertain us. Let me tell you, the airport is a circus. Loads of funny moments. Just hang out for a few hours one day and you will be thoroughly entertained.

We finally made it back to Abu Dhabi with a little sadness in our hearts.