I've Fallen In Love

With Classical Music.

Hahha, you were all set for a tale of passion centered around a beautiful middle easterner with eyes the color of honey...eh not yet my loves. Not in this story.

So back to my new love...
My inner nerd rose to glory this weekend when my Internet went down. Having no tv to lavish my attention on, I found comfort in the arms of my kindle.
I read Madame Bovary for the first time...geesh what a sad and hopeless tale.
Then I read a Christian mystery romance novel. Hahaha bet you didn't know those existed right. Check it out, it's called Love Me If You Must by Nicole Young. I needed something light after Bovary.

Around 2 in the morning when I was done I couldn't sleep so I started on Running Barefoot by Amy Harmon. This is where I fell in love.
The story is about the ununbreakable  bond that forms between two unlikely people. Classical Music is the element that bring them together.
Harmon does such an excellent job of using music as a metaphor for their love and for their lives that I found myself caught up too.
The romantic fool( who I am usually able to successfully keep silent) made her appearance about a quarter of the way in.
This morning I was compelled to put some Chopin and Mozart on as I concluded the story.
Oh and I was bawling too... Sentimental fool!
I can't stop listening now.
Mock me if you must, I know I am a few decades late but better late than never right?
Now I know why I love reading so much...no matter how old you are or how many books you'very read there is always a new experience, thought or some knowledge that miraculous sprouts like a a cactus in the desert.
If you have a kindle, this book is free on Amazon. Trust me it will have you falling in love too.

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