Not Looking Back

I can't help but reflect on what an amazing year 2012 was.
God was definitely at the helm of my life and despite the many and varied (and I mean many, many) times I disappointed him not once did he turn his back on me.
All the things I asked for that he saw necessary for the edification of my person, he gave to me.
He answered prayers spoke silently and in desperation.

When I felt like I couldn't speak with anyone about my fears, he listened and quelled those fears replacing them with strength and courage.
I know that nothing that occurred in 2012 was a random act, all events were orchestrated and ordained by him.
Every success and triumph I knew, were as a result of his unbounded grace and favor.
As I enter 2013, I am confident that he has already mapped out all that the year holds. Every hardship will be a lesson to make me wiser and stronger and every success a testiment to his perfect plan for my future.
I have no clue what he has in store. All I can do is surrender to his blueprint for me. If 2013 is even half as wonderful as 2012, then I am excited.
Big things are ahead for me, my best days are yet to come.
I'm ready!
Ciao 2012