Oh Man Oman.

Today is our 3rd day in Muscat, Oman.
If someone had told me 4 months ago that I would end up here for vacation I definitely wouldn't have believed them. Never heard of the place before my move to the Middle East and certainly had never imagined visiting Oman. What for?

However, I am here and absolutely loving the experience.
I decided not to make the trip home to NY for Christmas break. Ticket prices were just too ridiculously outrageous.
The choice to come to Oman was made out of cowardice. I was afraid of going to a place with frigid temperatures. Anywhere in Europe was ruled out.
After spending the last 10+ years suffering from the 30 degree winters in NY, I relished the idea of a sunny winter with a cool breeze and beach strolling days.
After much research, Muscat was the winner. 
My friend Khadijah abandoned her plan to go back home due to the ticket costs and instead made the trip with me.
We have been enjoying ourselves.
The life of leisure suits us and Oman is the perfect place for meandering through wadis and splashing about on the beach after sipping lattes at one of the many coffee shops around town.
Muscat is beautiful. The perfect combination of mountains and beaches.
It's the type of place you don't need alcohol to enjoy.
The pace here is slow. Which is usually awesome when you are on vacation  but it is reflected in the service provided. Not so awesome. Patience comes in necessary when going out to eat.
It is expensive to travel about in taxis here. They don't have meters, they have set fares based on your location and you can bargain them down.
Unlike Abu Dhabi, Oman doesn't get many sisters around town. If you are a woman of color be prepared to be stared at especially if you have a 'fro. Oh and the never ending question "where from, Africa?"
I love that they answer their own question too.
Tomorrow we head off to Wadi Shab in search of waterfalls. We have found quite possibly the craziest
Omani taxi driver to take us on what is sure to be a memorable adventure.
Enjoy some photos until next time.

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