The Grand Ending

Today is our last full day in Muscat. Sad times.
Had such an amazing time.
Truth be told, it wasn't so much Muscat but more the company.
Don't get me wrong, it is a beautiful city. It is surrounded by mountains and the beaches are amazing but having fun people to share the experience with has made it so much greater.

Saeed our taxi driver/ self appointed friend and tour guide is a Hot Mess and crazy to boot. His English sucks but he has a killer sense of humor and he knows the best places to go.
Khadijah of course is my hommie (she hates when I try to be urban, heeehhee), she is a mess like me and is down for whatever as long as it does not involve walking on rocks in flip flops or crossing rivers is small boats helmed ( is that a word) by 13 year old Half men.
She has made this trip so much fun. I laugh everyday and there is never a dull moment with her around.

Today we visited the Grand Mosque. It is not as impressive a structure as the Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi but it can hold its own weight.
So much time and detail was put into creating this place of prayer. It is overwhelming in its awesomeness.
Afterwards we made a quick stop to another beach to enjoy the view. So many beaches, so little time.
Saeed of course was there to be our guide and entertainer.
I know he will miss us. He has  professed his love for us, I am convinced he is more in love with Khadijah though.
Too bad we can't take him back to Abu Dhabi with us. He is already asking when we will be back. Poor fool.
At the beach