Just A Day

Unfortunately, my vacation is coming to an end...sad times.

I wanted to get out today and do something. Anything that did not involve a mall.
Luckily my friend Kalli felt the same way so I had  company.
I figured a trip to Heritage Village was the ultimate way to spend our day.

Heritage Village is Abu Dhabi's version of a museum. It's really cool, you get a glimpse into the country's history. You get a chance to see the houses the people lived in as well as some of the everyday items they used including weapons and pottery.

It was a good day followed up by a trip to Ikea in search of a picture frame for a tapestry I found at Heritage Village.

I was so happy to just get out and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Enjoy a few pictures I took at the village. If you are ever in town, stop by and check it out. It is totally worth it.